Norse Herb Company

Welcome to Norse Herb Company! Our herbal products are homegrown and handmade in Northern California on our micro farm. Founded in 2019 by Shonda Honkanen with a passion to share the power of homegrown herbs and zero waste herbal based products.

In Sacramento, you can find our wares at the Altar Room! Click the logo to check them out.

Customized Smudge A one of a kind custom herbal smudge made just for your specific need. Choose from: white sage, starlight sage, cedar, pine, roses, rosemary, lavender, cinnamon, frankincense, lemon, bay leaf.

Mini mini car/travel smudge: packed with herbal goodness to take on the go to soothe your nerves in the car, or cleanse the energy anywhere! Comprised of sage and roses. Colors may vary.

Trinity smudge: a powerful and sacred combo of homegrown starlight sage, juniper and palo santo wood. Cleanse, clear, calm. Excellent for protection, easing anxiety and depression. Change your energy instantly with this smudge.

New Paths Smudge: Lavender, white sage and two kinds of Eucalyptus are the perfect combination to move stagnant energy, creat focus, new energy while calming anxiety and elevated the vibration. Eucalyptus is also for protection and wisdom.

Starlight Garden Smudge: This smudge features homegrown starlight sage at it’s center. A hybrid sage of white and black sage. Offering the powerful cleansing properties of the hire sage, and a fragrance that is unmatched. To that, white garden roses and sweet lavender are added. Lavender and rose lend purity, calm, and the symbolism of love, self care. Excellent for anxiety, calming for meditation or ritual, and to prepare for sleep or rest.

Purity sage smudge. Pure homegrown white sage with white rose petals. About 7 inches. Perfect smudge for any intention. Cleanse, clear your space, center yourself.

Palm sized travel smudge kit: white sage and white rose tied in white cotton, nestled in a tiny shell, includes three wooden strike anywhere matches and inside a black organza mesh bag for gifting.

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Evergreen Smudge

The power of forest evergreens, pine and cedar combined for cleansing as effective as white sage. This smudge is perfect to clear the energy attract prosperity and abundance and offer protection. Tied in white cotton.

Soothing Calm Smudge: A beautiful herbal smudge combining homegrown starlight sage alone with super fragrant lavender, chamomile and rose. This smudge is perfect for creating the ultimate calm environment, fighting stress and anxiety, aiding with rest and sleep, perfect for cleansing and creating space for meditation, prayer. Fragrant, beautiful and soothing!